Fence Painting (Art Day)

I got my used copy of Preschool Art from Amazon and I’m just so happy. I love that book.

The Fence Painting activity is low prep and relatively low clean-up, especially if it’s hot outside and you have access to a hose. 🙂

We took a long roll of brown paper from the dollar store and tacked it up to a fence in our neighborhood. Good thing our neighbors like us. The kids all changed into swimsuits first (a must). Then we grabbed our washable finger paints, paint brushes, stamps, etc. and headed to the giant fence easel.

The kids had a great time painting their names and any other thing they could think of. Sami, of course, painted a princess. Ian painted a monster. They seemed to love running around to the different colors that were available and using big arm motions to make their creations.

Even 1-year-old Reagan got in on the action.

Then things got really messy. They started painting themselves!

Of course, I encourage such things. We did a quick clean up and ran around to the back to hose off in the kiddie pool. It is wise to have towels ready near the pool before beginning this activity. Trust me.

Once the paper was dried and they showed everyone what they painted, I took the paper down and recycled it. You could also cut it up to use the unpainted side for regular easel/table painting projects. No paint got on the fence, although the sidewalk didn’t fare as well. But hey, it’s washable! 😀

Pretty fun!


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  1. Merlesworld

    Sounds like a fun day I bet the kids enjoyed it.

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