Heart Schooling: Family Day Party!

Today I’m guest posting over at Godly Glimpses in Jennifer’s series HeartSchooling. 

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Last week was a hard week for our family. We lost a dear family member. It was not unexpected, but it was still hard on us all. We shared a hair lice infestation with a few other homeschool families. Lovely, right? All the washing, combing, cleaning, and cabin fever. Everyone in the family seemed to be having a rough go of things in their own way. 

Homeschooling didn’t happen much. But then I had an idea. We declared that Friday “Family Day” and had a big party! 

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  1. Anonymous

    Sorry a bout your week. What a great idea. We have fun fri if we get school done all week, games movie popcorn. But what a great idea to get the family together and cheer each up. And lots of Tlc.

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