B is for Baby: Always Wanted, Never Lost

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Today is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. I nearly let it pass by without saying anything, but it’s been on my mind all day. In my little world, there seems to be a new wave of these precious stories. Some from years ago, some just months. 

But we don’t really need a day to remember, do we? No. When I count my kids to make sure they’re all there, I count 5, even though I have 4. Maybe because we feel led to another, but perhaps because there’s an empty place in my mom heart for our little Shepherd, the baby being raised in heaven. For some of us, it’s so fresh that we are nearly consumed by it

Every baby is wanted. By someone. And certainly, by the One who created them. 

There is loss. This is not how it was meant to be and it hurts. We experience loss over their absence – real, hard, genuine loss that may never fully heal. 

But no baby is actually lost. Do you know that? Really? They are found! They are with the One who wanted them so much He created them, knowing that there would be both great loss and such great, great gain. 

If you are remembering today, whether it is fresh or years ago, whether it is the loss you remember most or the joy., I am praying that you lean into Jesus. Grieve and cry, call out to Him, and thank Him for the goodness too. 

I’ll remember with you. You (and I) are all in my prayers tonight, sweet moms!

The Lord will guide you continually,And satisfy your soul in drought,And strengthen your bones;You shall be like a watered garden,And like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail.  

Isaiah 58:11

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  1. “But no baby is actually lost…” Thank you so much. Definitely worth opening up the old wound for.

  2. Praying for you as I remember my own little one in Heaven. Jesus loves me (and you and all of our children) this I know!

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