The Jesse Tree: An Advent Tradition

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The Jesse Tree is a beautiful Christ-centered tradition that brings a special experience to your Christmas season.  We have enjoyed it so much in our home as a way to focus our hearts on Jesus! This page is an ongoing list of Jesse Tree resources, freebies, and special features here on Proverbial Homemaker. I will also post any current advent giveaways here!

FREE Getting a late start on the Jesse Tree? Here’s an abbreviated plan with ornaments you can download!

Did you get a late start on the Jesse Tree this year? Download this FREE reading plan with ornaments that starts on December 15th!

Jesse Tree LEGO Challenge Reading Plan and Ornament Printables

Printables for a LEGO Challenge to use with your Jesse Tree tradition!  

FREE Jesse Tree Reading Plan for The Action Bible (ornaments, reading plan, drawing challenges)

Jesse Tree reading plan, ornaments, and drawing challenges  

FREE Isaiah 11:1-2 Scripture Art Printable

FREE Jesse Tree scripture printable of Isaiah 11:1-2.

Jesse Tree Ornament Kit These are the Jesse Tree ornaments we use and we LOVE them! Durable, beautiful, and can become a family heirloom. It comes with a reading plan that makes it easy to implement as well!

 Jesse Tree Ornament Set

What is the Jesse Tree?

The Jesse Tree is an advent activity and devotion that comes from Isaiah 11:1-2, which describes the hope of Jesus Christ. It is the gospel story of the Savior overcoming death and sadness, conquering sin and reconciling God with His people.

The Jesse Tree tells the whole story of Jesus, from the beginning, to give a big picture view of the meaning of Christmas. Daily scripture readings, often with a devotion, accompany ornaments with symbols that represent events in the Old and New Testament that point to Christ as the Messiah. Read more about the meaning behind the Jesse Tree.

Jesse tree devotion and purpose

Resources and Inspiration

  Resources for making your own Jesse Tree and how we use it in our home.


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