5 Ways I’m Making My Marriage a Priority

My husband and I are in a busy season of life, to say the least. The house is in a state of managed chaos and the kids require us to be “on” 24/7. We have responsibilities to take care of, a thousand things pulling at our attention, and at the end of the day we are just spent. How many of us are wondering: How can I succeed in making my marriage a priority when life is so busy? 

No matter what life throws our way, my husband and I purpose to intentionally bless our marriage. We schedule it in, actually, because it’s just that important. If we don’t have time to pour into our marriage, we don’t have time to pour into our kids, our home, our work, our ministry, and so on. Today I’m going to give you a peek into our marriage and a few things that make it rock.

Great tips! I've been wanting to focus more on making my marriage a priority.

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Just about 10 years ago, I married the most amazing man. We had a whirlwind romance, a 4-month engagement, and were married on New Year’s Eve. I can absolutely say that it was the most wonderful and important event in my life, next to salvation in Christ.

We have had our ups and downs, but I often say that we have an uncommon love. We are unquestionably blessed with an amazing degree peace an unity, considering we are both such broken people (because, aren’t we all?).

However, a big part of that success is our up front decision in making our marriage a priority. Over the years, I have learned much about marriage from wiser, more experienced women. Through them and through the guidance of scripture, there are some things that I do to ensure I am making my marriage a priority.

How I am Making My Marriage a Priority

Spending Time Together

Carve out time each week to spend with each other! Spending time together is so critical, especially time that is focused on each other and not a book, screen, or other project. We have made weekly date nights a priority, whether it’s going out for dinner, a double date, or playing a game after the kids go to bed. It is on the schedule and rarely gets canceled! 

This past year we’ve also established a “connection night” at home.  It is the same day every week and just means that whatever we do, it’s together. We could watch a movie, play a game, work on a project, or whatever we feel like, as long as it’s together. We do try to go overnight somewhere a few times a year, but date night and connection night are what keeps us from “coasting,” as my husband puts it. 

Praying Together

Pray with and for each other! I don’t know why, but praying as a couple has been difficult for us. Getting past the awkwardness was the first step, and now it’s about making it a regular habit. When we persevere and practice this habit, it is a regular blessing in our lives. It can truly be a unifying aspect of your marriage, too.

If you and your husband struggle with praying together, just keep trying. Eventually you’ll get past the strangeness of it and it will become just a part of who you are together.  Your intimacy with each other will grow. It reminds me of the three-stranded cord with Jesus in the center.  If you need a little help getting started, check out this great book: Two Hearts Praying as One by Dennis and Barbara Rainey. 

Fighting Fair 

Navigate conflicts with love and respect for each other. One of the first marriage resources that really resonated with us was Love and Respect by Emerson Eggerichs. We got our hands on a video recording of the seminars which was huge because we rarely get through a book together (although there is a book available).

It could be fairly cheesy at times but the takeaways were invaluable and we continue to use those principles and methods to this day. To be able to pause when we realize things are getting tense and say “that felt disrespectful” or “that felt unloving…” Suddenly the tension begins to ease and we can talk it out fairly quickly. It’s gold.  

More recently we came across the book My Beloved and My Friend by Hal and Melanie Young. Their wit and wisdom really refreshed our marriage when we needed it most. I highly recommend it along with Love and Respect. 

Meeting Each Other’s Needs

My husband and I are similar in some ways and different in others. We are both introverts, although somehow I become temporarily extroverted when he walks in the door and I talk his head off. Over time I’ve learned he needs a little space and time to decompress when he comes home. So I try to remember to meet that need, and in turn he meets my need for connection later on. It’s a simple thing, but it blesses him. 

We have different needs when it comes to processing problems, physical intimacy, dealing with hard emotions, and more. We have become students of our marriage, studying each other and finding ways to meet each other’s needs. Finding simple ways to serve each other like this can really go a long way toward keeping your marriage satisfying and joyful. 

Now, I’m not implying that we need to fulfill all our spouse’s needs and desires. That’s not healthy nor is it the picture of godly marriage. But we can fulfill your God-given role his wife, and you can study your husband’s personality, character, needs, desires, tendencies, etc. Soon you’ll know more about him than he does. Bless your husband and your marriage with that knowledge by finding ways to build him up!

Purposefully Blessing Them

Make a big deal out of special days with your husband, and occasionally surprise him for no reason at all. I don’t often feel very creative in this area, but I know how important it makes my husband feel. So every once in a while I’ll look for something I can do as an extra blessing for my marriage. It might be planning a date night or spending some time in prayer for him. 

I’ve found some really fun ideas this way, such as writing love notes on these Song of Solomon cards and leaving one for him to find each day, or this amazing online couples massage class  to teach me how to give him a killer back and neck massage. Oh yes, my friends, these are the tools of a marriage rock star! 🙂 These are just a few of the things I do to ensure I’m making my marriage a priority. 

Your challenge: What can YOU do to make your marriage a priority? Pick one thing you can DO this week for each area listed above. Enjoy your spouse and your marriage, and my God bless you in your efforts!

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  1. Darcy

    Best marriage advice–learn your spouse’s love language!

    1. Kate

      Thanks for this post. I appreciate the kind and gentle manner of it and the good words behind it!


      1. Tauna Meyer

        Thanks Kate!

  2. Susan Campbell

    What a great giveaway. Thank you so much for doing this.

    1. Su

      I agree. This is so exciting! I can’t wait to find out who wins. Every person in our household has challenging, lifelong health issues. This package would surely help boost our marriage.

  3. Susan Campbell

    Just being there for each other and loving each. Putting the other person first in your life.

  4. Emily

    You are a team, fighting for the same thing, fight together no against each other!

  5. Su Ann

    My best marriage tip is to pray.

  6. Michelle

    my husband and I enjoy dates by our firepit in the backyard once the kids have gone to bed. Cheap but fun and still out of the house!

  7. Heather Eavers

    hugs! Hugs make you feel loved and make him feel loved. The touch feels nice too!

  8. Lia

    I don’t have a tip. My marriage is seriously struggling. It’s suffocating to be able to see what you want and not be able to get there.

  9. Shawna

    I love all the resources I find here.

  10. Laura Blair

    Date nights are SO important! We haven’t had one in awhile so I need to plan again…

  11. Cathie Lester

    would love to put this to use

  12. Kathleen P.

    My best tip is making the time to spend alone with each other.

  13. Jessica

    So much great advice!

    One thing I try to keep in mind at all times is that my husband and I are on the same team. It sounds kind of simple and even silly, but it can make all the difference when the enemy tries to build a wall between us. 🙂

  14. Domoina

    Great !!!

  15. Ivy

    This giveaway looks great!

  16. kristin

    awesome ideas for keeping marriage priority! In the past three years I’ve realized especially how important – but difficult – it can be to keep my marriage a priority with kids in the house.

  17. Alice Manville

    My best marriage tip is this: always communicate. Communicate about EVERYTHING. I don’t think you can communicate too much.
    And if you have an argument, always sleep in the same bed.

  18. Melinda J.

    great giveaway! thanks!

  19. sarah

    it’s nice to have marriages that last.

  20. Rhonda Clark

    These are some really simple and practical ways to respect and love your spouse.

  21. Tammy

    Would love this

  22. Liz

    Something that my husband and I were told when we got married was to “Always kiss each other goodnight”. It’s hard to give each other a kiss if things are not right between you.

    These commands found in Ephesians 5:18-21 are always a challenge to me:
    Be filled with the Spirit.
    Always have a song of praise to God in your heart!
    Give God thanks always for all things.
    Submit yourselves one to another in the fear of God.

  23. Laura J

    My best marriage tip is to have fun together! Do silly little things and surprise each other to make each others days! So enjoyable!

  24. Dana

    If both partners focus on the other’s needs, everyone’s needs get met. And the priority order is God, spouse, children. It’s easy to switch those around.

  25. Laurie S.

    Listen more than you speak.

  26. Molly

    My best marriage tip: to remember that love is a command. It certainly is an emotion too, but God commands us to love our spouse. Sometimes emotions can wane but if we’re holding tight to God and to our husband the love will always be there.

  27. Nancy

    Remembering that it is not a 50/50 proposition. It is 100/100 with both investing in the other.

  28. Jessica M.

    Make an effort- try to remain best friends!

  29. Susanne

    Smile at each other and kiss frequently. =)

  30. Karlee Kerr

    My best marriage advice is to make time to spend with each other, no matter how crazy life gets!

  31. Kelly Wade

    My husband and I are empty nesters trying to find our way back to each other–this is so wonderful AND our oldest daughter just got married. So many great things in this giveaway to share with her. Thanks so much for putting this together!!

  32. Chrissy Bender

    Know your spouses’ love languages and try to “speak” them often.

  33. Kala

    I would LOVE to win this!!

  34. Lauren Gonzalez

    Don’t sweat the small stuff, & its all small stuff.

  35. Heather

    We have read many books on marriage, but the one that helped the most was Love and Respect.

  36. Abbie

    Communicate! Don’t expect your spouse to be able to know what you are thinking 🙂

  37. Dorcas Swartzentruber

    Working together is a huge boost to one-ness. Anytime possible, spend time at your hubby’s place of work, and encourage him to tell stories about his day.

  38. Emily

    Take divorce out of the equation.

  39. Nicole P.

    Always tell your husband you love him whether it’s on the phone or when he is leaving for work!

  40. Amy Mac

    Weekly dates and don’t try to give 50-50, give 100%!

  41. Stephanie

    Marriage is a lifelong commitment that needs daily reaffirmation.

  42. Diane

    Great giveaway! What a blessing!

  43. Amy

    I need marriage tips.

  44. Faith Dossett

    This is a great giveaway!! I would love to be the winner!

  45. Terri S

    Thank you for the great giveaway! Great prizes.

  46. Kelly

    Have you read any of the books?

    1. Tauna

      I have read the My Beloved and My Friend book! It is good. 🙂 I’m not familiar with the others yet.

  47. Natalie F

    Thank you for the giveaway. My marriage is so important to me and always good to get reminders and tools to keep us on track!

  48. Kelly H.

    I love the idea of being much more intentional with my marriage. Thank you so much for these wonderful ideas.

  49. Aimee

    Thanks Tauna for sharing your helpful tips. You’re a blessing : )
    Staying connected to the Lord has helped us. Doing a couples devo and praying together also keeps us connected

  50. Judith Martinez

    I love the Song of Solomon notes! My husband and I are trying really hard to strengthen our marriage after some real hurts but our lives are so stressful that we’re exhausted. I need to try little things like love notes to build him up.

  51. Melinda

    Important to remember for sure as I rebuild my marriage.

  52. Hopeful Wife

    My husband and I could really use these resources to help reconnect in our marriage.



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