Overcoming the Awkwardness of Praying Out Loud! (Becoming a Prayer Warrior)

When I first became a Christian about 11 years ago I had a really hard time praying out loud. In fact, I avoided it at all costs! It felt forced and I just didn’t know what to say. 
As time went on and my relationship with The Lord grew, I began to participate in prayer groups occasionally. I was so awkward! I rarely spoke up, and when I did, I paid way too much attention to how others were praying or how I thought I must sound to them. 
While I think this reaction is normal among newbie Christians (and even not-so-newbies), if this is still a struggle for you, I encourage you to push past it no matter how long it takes!
Praying Out Loud is Important
With practice and the determination to honor God and bless others through prayer, I eventually got over my awkwardness. If I feel it creeping in, I remind myself to just have a conversation with God about what’s on my heart, and not worry about how my words sound to the other person. 
Most is the chapters in Week 5 of Becoming a Prayer Warrior are about situations where we are praying out loud: with our spouses, while teaching our children how to pray, with friends, and in leading others. Yes, it is awkward at first. But it’s worth pushing through. 
As Susan says, “Remember that fear of man brings a snare (Proverbs 29:25). Don’t be ruled by what other people think of you. I much prefer a broken person blurting out a true prayer than a polished prayer with no heart engaged. So does God.”
Get Comfortable Praying Out Loud
  • Don’t try to copy others. While I found it helpful to hear others pray, I learned to avoid trying to use their words or mannerisms in my prayers. If I’m concerned about doing it “right,” I’m not concerned about praying my heart and praying as the Spirit leads. 
  • Embrace child-like prayer. God loves the prayers of a child! I’m convinced He loves it when we pray with a child-like heart as well: genuine, simple, and true to our relationship with Him. 
  • Pray out loud when you’re alone. This really helps get over the whole thought-to-speech issue I had. Praying out loud when I’m alone also helps keep me focused and makes it more like a conversation with God without so many thought wanderings. 
  • Pray the scriptures. As you are reading your Bible, notice a scripture that stands out to you and pray through it. For example, for Romans 12:2: “Thank you, God, that your will is good and perfect and true. Help me to discern it. Transform my mind by your Spirit so that I can.” This is an especially fun way to pray for and over your children!
  • Start with simple situations. If you are new to praying out loud, start simple. Pray out loud when you are alone. Hug your husband and say a short prayer for his day. Bless your children at night before they go to bed. 
What do you think? What is one thing you can practice today to grow in this area of your prayer life? May we honor God and bless our spouses, children, friends, and others!
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  1. Susan Evans

    What a great list of ways to overcome praying out loud!

    1. Tauna M

      Thanks so much for the book and your ministry, Susan!

  2. K Waite

    Hello, I am wondering, how do I purchase this ebook? I am in need of a book like this. I am a new Christian (1 1/2 years) and as a 4th grade Sunday school teacher and homeschooling mom, I could really benefit from a study like this…..Thank you

  3. Amy B.

    Excellent – especially the reading out loud of Scripture and praying out loud when you are ‘alone’ (especially since you aren’t alone!). I’m sure every Christian has been in that same awkward spot at some point, even the ones that look like they’re so confident. I’m always worried I’ll carry on for too long, it’s so hard not to be distracted by the people around us. One of the things I’ve loved with my afternoon church is when people sometimes just all pray at once, almost Korean-style, all just talking to God about the same topic at the same time instead of paying attention to one person talking and trying to be quiet. There’s a multitude of ways to enter His presence, thank heavens indeed.

    1. Tauna M

      That would be a great way to pray aloud without worrying about everyone listening to you! I’ve been in churches that have done that too – thousands of voices raised in prayer is a powerful thing to experience!

  4. K Waite

    sorry but I have another question. You mentioned how I can get the ebook free if I like it on facebook…..but I dont have a facebook account. Is there another way?

  5. Laki

    I learned to pray out loud when I was put in leadership position over the weekly prayer meeting. I quickly found that praying out loud helps me to focus more intently on my praying, and it also feels more powerful to speak prayers out, if that makes sense.

    I’m trying to teach my Sunday school class (teens) to pray out loud. They’re so shy about it and they have a tendency to speed-talk through it because they’re so nervous. I find it helps to tell them to slow down in their prayers. One should be able to pray in the same conversational rate they use with their friends. After all, Jesus is our best friend! Taking your time forces you to focus on what you’re saying and helps eliminate those fumbles.

    Personally, I enjoy listening to others’ prayers, but I agree to make it your own. Others’ prayers remind me to pray for a need I forgot about, or maybe to pray for something I hadn’t thought of. My pastor once prayed, “Help me to walk worthy of the vocation to which I’m called.” I LOVE that prayer. In my simple wording, I pray, “Help me to be a Christ-like person, not just someone who calls themselves a Christian.”

    Most often, the awkwardness is just our own feeling and not a reflection of how others think of our spoken prayers. Great tips!

    1. Tauna

      You are absolutely right! Other people didn’t have the same hangups about my praying that I did. 🙂 Thanks for the thoughtful comment!

  6. josephine kisilu

    Thank you so much for this encourangement.Its great to learn how to teach others without fear.

  7. Paulette Lamont

    It’s a blessing.I’ve that problem praying out loud.Thanks .I surely need this book to help me to become a prayer warrior. I was chosen, confirmed by the Holy Spirit. Paulette Lamont

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