Quick Turkey Art Project

Some friends joined us the other day for a quick Thanksgiving art project. I found this great idea from  Art Projects for Kids

What made this so fun is that it used guided drawing and various art supplies. We have been doing more guided drawing lately because the kids enjoy it, the product is nice looking, and they learn valuable skills such as hand-eye coordination, following directions, etc. 

– Paper (we used watercolor paper but regular is fine)
– Pencils
– Sharpies
– Oil pastels
– Watercolors
– Paintbrushes

I used the picture from the Art Project for Kids site as a reference and, starting with the rainbow shape of the tail feathers, drew the picture piece by piece in front of the kids. 

For example:
– Rainbow shape for feathers
– circle for body
– shepherd’s staff for neck and head
– lines for individual feathers
– sticks with “v’s” for feather detail
– spiral squares and circles for feather tops

With each step, I gave them time to draw their piece. (An added challenge to the project would be for them just to follow verbal instructions without the visual.)

When they were done, I drew over their pencil markings with black Sharpie. Older kids can trace their own. They used oil pastels to add spots of color to their picture and then painted over all of it with watercolors. 

I’m really proud of our little artists!

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