60 Random Acts of Kindness for Kids

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We all want to raise kids that are more thoughtful and kind! It’s the way of Jesus, and it’s also a daily habit and mind-set we can work into our home lives. Random acts of kindness for kids can be a perfect way to help them practice this life-giving habit and bless not only those around them, but teach them to live compassionate lives. 

Random acts of kindness can be done any time and do not have to be expensive or complicated. They can be sweet, simple gestures. They can use a few coins from the piggy bank or extra cans from the cupboard. 

Teach your children a habit of compassion with these 60 random acts of kindness for kids!

You can fill your Thanksgiving or Christmas activity calendar with these fun activities or just do them no matter what time of year it is. Print off the list below (a download link is toward the bottom for easy printing) and post it on the fridge! Select some great activities to do as a family or that the older kids on their own. 


60 Random Acts of Kindness for Kids

1. Take snacks to an elderly or shut-in
2. Serve in a homeless shelter
3. Tape quarters to vending machines
4. Clean up a local park
5. Smile and wave to cheer someone up
6. Make a bird feeder
7. Write a card for the sanitation workers
8. Collect coats and blankets for homeless
9. Do someone else’s chores for the day
10. Feed the ducks at a local pond
11. Leave toys or bubbles at the park
12. Sing songs at a nursing home
13. Make a gift for someone
14. Clean up without being asked
15. Hold the door open for someone
16. Make treats for neighbors
17. Give someone a compliment
18. Make lunch for the family
19. Write a thank you note for the mailman
20. Read a book to a friend or sibling
21. Help someone carry groceries
22. Donate your coins to a good cause
23. Write a giving list instead of a wish list
24. Donate books to a children’s hospital
25. Walk the neighbor’s dog
26. Give three people a hug
27. Invite someone new over to play
28. Leave a kind note in a library book
29. Give a family member a back rub
30. Draw and color a picture for someone
31. Make lunch bags for the homeless
32. Take lifesaver candies to emergency workers
33. Send thank you cards to soldiers
34. Do a secret act of kindness for someone
35. Donate cans of food to a food pantry
36. Call a relative to just say hello
37. Give toys to other children
38. Leave ccoloring books in a waiting room
39. Go on a walk and pray for neighbors
40. Make/donate blankets to a pregnancy center
41. Put trash cans away for parents/neighbors
42. Bring board games to play at a nursing home
43. Leave change or detergent at a laundry mat
44. Put encouraging sticky notes around town
45. Make a gift or card for a teacher
46. Give away clothes you don’t need
47. Rake leaves or shovel snow
48. Listen quietly and kindly to someone
49. Sit with someone who is alone
50. Put stray grocery carts away at the store
51. Invite a neighbor over for lunch
52. Tape popcorn bags to red box machines
53. Leave wipes at a bathroom changing table
54. Hide dollars with notes around a dollar store
55. Cut a neighbor’s grass
56. Let someone go ahead in line
57. Compliment a friend to their parents
58. Help tip a food or coffee service person
59. Make scripture cards for a friend
60. Give a letter of appreciation to your pastor

Download the Random Acts of Kindness for Kids Printable

Click here or click the image below to download the Random Acts of Kindness for Kids printable. 

Teach your children a habit of compassion with these 60 random acts of kindness for kids!

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