Simple and Meaningful Holidays: 5-Day Quick Start Guide

Has the holiday season already got you feeling overwhelmed? There are SO many things to juggle. How can we possibly do it all, right?

Do you sometimes feel like slowing things way down and really simplifying Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year for your family?

You’re definitely not alone.

I know that we all have different family situations, different constraints, and different goals in our holiday season. However, if we really want a holiday experience that is rich, meaningful, and focuses on Christ and relationships with others, we absolutely must be intentional to slow down and simplify.

Sign up for my 5-day quick start guide and get great tips for doing just that! 

  • Simplify gift-giving
  • Focus on Christ
  • Serve others together 
  • Establish meaningful traditions
  • And more!

I hope you are blessed, friends!

Have a wonderful holiday season. 

~ Tauna

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