Printable Christmas Gift Tags with Scripture

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Keeping our family focused on Christ during the Christmas season is important. As much as we parents try to make sure that gifts and “stuff” aren’t getting in the way of that focus (and for good reason), did you know that there are many ways gift-giving can point us and our children TO Christ? It’s true!  

We can teach our children about the perfect gift of Jesus Christ, the perfect GIVER God the Father, tell them about the importance of giving all we have back to God joyfully, and give to others as an act of worship and to share the love of Jesus. Those are big lessons!

free Scripture printable Christmas gift tags

Our attitude toward giving (and receiving) and our focus in the gift-giving process is a big part of that teaching. We can instruct our children in the godly virtues of selflessness, generosity, and gratitude while filling their hearts with the truth of God and His Word.

What an incredible opportunity!

It’s a chance we don’t want to miss in our home. There are several things we do to keep our family intentional in these areas.

  • Our kids have never written wish lists. Instead, they write GIVING lists.
  • We spend time talking about special ways we can serve others as a family and individually over the holidays.
  • We read the Scripture and remind each other over again about the real meaning of Christmas — the good news of Jesus Christ — and how we can be a part of sharing that story to those around us each year. 

If you’re feeling like Christmas has become more of a battle with entitlement, or simply too much focus on presents, start taking small shifts in the direction you want and over time you’ll find that your kids’ attitudes have changed. Your kids’ “normal” will reflect the habits of your family. And habits take time and intentional effort. Here are some ideas:

  • Cancel the toy catalogs and make a World Vision catalog your new holiday season “normal.”
  • Make a tradition of writing gift-giving lists after Thanksgiving dinner and brainstorm DIY gift projects.
  • Start with one service project a week and choose things that YOU can easily manage in this season of life.

You can do this! Small changes matter. 

A simple way to keep the heart of your gift-giving where it should be is to use Scripture in how you accessorize your gifts! You can write scripture in the greeting cards, right onto the wrapping paper, or onto the gift tags. It might seem simplistic, but we are visual people and all those little images and visual reminders really do contribute toward an atmosphere. Why not saturate it with God’s Word!?

Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags That Use Scripture! 

It can be challenging to find gift tags with a theme other than Santa, let alone some that include Scripture.  So I created these four sets of Scripture Christmas gift tags that you and your children can use in your gift-giving this year. These printable gift tags are custom illustrated and your download will include both ESV and KJV versions. 

printable Christmas gift tags

Download Your Scripture Gift Tags

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Every Christmas we find new ways to focus our family on Christ and giving to others. The Scripture gift tags are just one of them! You can go farther with my family Bible study and activity pack called Every Good and Perfect Gift!

With this study, you’ll dig into God’s Word together, do advent activities and acts of service, write those gift-giving lists, color beautifully illustrated Scripture art prints, and more. Find out more here!  


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