Teach Kids God Made Them Special (+ Printable Pack)

I am often telling my kids that God made them special and unique. He put His print on them as He formed them in the womb, creating them in His own image and with an amazingly unique combination of traits and characteristics. There are some fun resources and activities you can use to teach your kids God made them special! 

Great resources and simple activities to teach kids God made them special!

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Simple Activities to Teach Kids God Made Them Special

These activities were extracted from the Sound Words for Kids Unit 2 curriculum. My kids STILL talk about these activities we did a while back whenever we talk or read about this topic. We’ll have to do them again soon!

You don’t need to do anything fancy to teach kids God made them special. It can be as simple as a little reminder as you’re tucking them into bed at night, one of the fun activities or books below, or visiting a friend who had a new baby and talking about what makes them special. The sweetest conversations will happen! 

A simple activity for kids! They can create a self-portrait using clay and paint it if they want. A great way to teach kids God made them special!

Kids make mirrors using cardboard and foil, with reminders that they are God's creation. A great way to teach kids God made them special!

A simple activity where kids draw an outline of themselves with a reminder that God created them. A great way to teach kids God made them special!


God Formed Me

Have each child use air-dry clay to create a sculpture of themselves. Talk about how creative and artistic God is to make each person so different and just exactly the way He wants them to be. They can roll little “snakes” for hair, use beads for eyes, etc. Allow to dry on a hard flat surface (on cardboard, for example) and be careful when moving because clay can become brittle. Optionally paint after drying.

God Made Me Special

Cut out cardboard into mirror shapes. Glue a piece of round foil to the center and have the children decorate the outside. Write something like “God made me special” on the front or back of the mirror.

Body Outlines

Use large sheets of paper such as brown wrapping paper rolls from the local dollar store. Have each child lay on the paper and outline their shapes. Let them draw their facial features, clothes, hair, etc and color in as desired. Talk about the details of of how God made them different than others. Write different character traits and natural skills on the posters as well. Display on the wall.

Books & Resources Your Kids Will Love

Wonderfully Made is a great book to teach kids that God make them special

Wonderfully Made: God’s Story of Life from Conception to Birth by Danika Cooley (We’re reading this now and love it!)


God Made All of Me by Justin and Lindsey Holcomb (Teaches kids about their bodies and how to protect them)


God Gave Us You by Lisa Bergren (these are all such lovely books!)


God Made You Special from Veggie Tales (we LOVE all things Veggie Tales!)

Download the God Made Me Special Printable Pack!

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Teach your kids about how they are created precious and unique in God's sight, and in His image, with the God Made Me Special printable pack!

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