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Resources for comparing curriculum

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Right now many of us homeschoolers are looking into curriculum for the coming year. Here are some resources that will help you compare or investigate your curriculum options.
Facebook Pages
The best way I’ve found to get some good feedback and discussion about a curriculum question you have is to send it as a private message to these Facebook pages and ask for comment. They will post the question on their page for readers to weigh in with their experience. Here are three of the better ones that will also provide you with other great homeschooling support and information. 
In a search engine, type in the name of your curriculum and then “blog”. You will get a good set of blog reviews about your curriculum and often comparisons to others.
  • The Happy Housewife did a great roundup post of various curriculum reviews done by other bloggers. It’s a great place to start. 
  • Confessions of a Homeschooler has been setting up “forums” for various curriculum areas (spelling, reading, science, etc.) where people just chime in with what they’re using and why they like it. It has been so useful to follow along!
Some Web sites have areas or are entirely dedicated to curriculum reviews and comparisons. Here are some good ones. 
Local and General Online Support
  • Library: Look up curriculum review books at your library (like the Cathy Duffy one). Often, books about a particular method of homeschooling will provide curriculum suggestions and reviews. 
  • Local Support Group: Plug in to a local support group. Your local homeschool convention should be able to get you started in the right direction. You can also do a search online for your stat or city along with “homeschool support” or “co-op”. The one we belong to does a used curriculum sale and has events where people bring their curriculums to chat about and compare. 
  • Local Homeschool Convention: You can browse through the exhibitor halls and often peruse the selection at a used book sale. And there are a wealth of experts there to ask questions of!
  • Book Stores: See if you have a local book store that has used homeschool curriculum or books about homeschooling. We are blessed to have Exodus Books in the area. We can flip through curriculum, ask the knowledgeable staff for advice, and check out reviews on their web site. 
  • Facebook Support Groups: Look for online support groups such as my favorite, Homeschool Co-Op and Freebies. Ask to join or ask me to invite you! It’s an AMAZING group and so helpful. 
Do you have any resources to add to this list?


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