20 Great Christmas Books for Kids

Christ-centered christmas books for children

Christmas is coming! Now is the time to buy or check out books for the season. We always try to build up our holiday library bit by bit each year. You can also start the wonderful tradition of wrapping the books up and opening one a day during the month of December!

Here are 20 great Christmas books for kids – some that are our favorites and some from our wish list! 

Mary Engelbreit’s Nutcracker – Beautiful pictures and a delightful way to introduce this story to little ones.

Drummer Boy – It’s a sweet, quiet story about a toy drummer boy that ends up at the feet of baby Jesus.

The Little Drummer Boy – We have the board book and the kids like to read/sing it all year long.

This Is the Stable – The kids love the repetition and we all love the story.

Christmas Mouseling – A wonderful book to snuggle up with the kids and read.

Duck & Goose, It’s Time for Christmas! by Tad Hills (Sep 14 2010) – Simple, cute book. My 2 year old loves it. 🙂

We Believe in Christmas – Made me cry. I can’t help it! Christmas stories that are actually about Jesus make me cry!

Tiny Baby Jesus – Very sweet. Goes back and forth between scenes of Jesus’ life as an adult and a baby.

Under the Star – Great repetition and counting.

The Crippled Lamb by Max Lucado (Aug 30 2011) – Always a favorite. A lovely story about a lamb that is not like the rest but has a special purpose in God’s plan.

The Tale of Three Trees: A Traditional Folktale – A fantastic book for Christmas and Easter!

On Our Wish List

Legend of the Christmas Tree, The


Humphrey’s First Christmas

God Gave Us Christmas

Room for a Little One: A Christmas Tale

The Shepherd’s Christmas Story

Song of the Stars: A Christmas Story

The Story of Christmas

Who is Coming to Our House?

What are your favorite Christmas books for kids?

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  1. I love your book list! Thank you so much for the great suggestions! Humphrey’s First Christmas is really cute. One of my favorite children’s Christmas books is Mortimer’s Christmas Manger by Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman. I am going to have to check out quite a few books on this list. Thanks.

  2. Thank you for this list. It reminded me that I used to go to the library and load up on Christmas books when my older children when littles. I need to do that with my younger children.

  3. Legend of the Candy cane is a really good one too.

  4. Thanks for the list! I’ve requested a lot of them from the library.

    1. You’re welcome!

  5. The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey

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