Character in Action: Teaching Kids to Serve Others

As Christian parents, we want to teach our kids solid biblical character, follow the way of Jesus as a family. I’m sure we’re not alone in the prayers, correction, and instruction we devote to this critical area of our children’s lives.

Teaching character is essentially teaching children about the character of Christ, knowing that the Holy Spirit will continue His work in them (and in us) to bring us ever closer to His likeness.

But we also need to teach our kids practical ways to put that character in action — showing kids how they can serve others and point them to Jesus. 

So, what are those practical ways to put character in action? 

Teach your kids to serve others and put character in action! Love this resource for parents! Great for family devotions or homeschooling.

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Our family has several favorite character resources that we use often. One of them is the resources from Character Concepts. Rick and Marilyn Boyer pour their wisdom and experience into these godly parenting tools.

One of my favorite series from them is the Learning Character with the Cousins series! We have already gone through the Crossroads of Character and Character Trails books a few times with the kids. They always ask to me to read them at mealtimes! I was so excited to see a third book in the series had been released.

Character in Action: Taking the Next Steps is a perfect addition to our family’s library of devotions and parenting tools. It takes all those wonderful character lessons and conversations you’ve been having and brings them to a new place of action. You’ll find inspirational true stories along with practical ideas your family can grab a hold of. 

Our kids are so familiar with the character lessons and stories from the Cousins series that it made Character in Action especially impactful for them. I do recommend buying the complete set if at all possible (although it works nicely on it’s own, too). Even older kids will enjoy the simple, sweet stories in the first two books! Then use Character in Action as a tool for your family. 

Character in Action by Character ConceptsCharacter in Action by Character Concepts

Character in Action by Character Concepts Character in Action by Character Concepts

How We Put Character in Action

During mealtimes, we’d pull out Character in Action and the kids would listen while my husband or I read. Each topic started with a definition and scripture for the character quality being discussed. Then there was a true story about how God provided the cousins an opportunity to put that character trait into action. Finally, the Taking the Next Step section gives great ideas for kids and their families to take action for themselves! 

We read through all of these things, or sometimes split them up across different mealtimes if needed, and spend some time talking about the story. We also take the time to discuss the Taking the Next Step ideas – which ones might we like to try? What people or situations we are involved with would be a good fit for this kind of opportunity? We choose one or two, or come up with some ourselves, and brainstorm how we can work as a family to carry it out. Let me tell you, there are some great plans on our calendar now in the months to come!

More Ways to Use Character in Action

  • Turn the definitions and scripture into memory work
  • Assign copywork based on the definitions, scriptures, or main points
  • Challenged older kids to pick up one of the suggested projects to work on independently or with a parent
  • Use the suggested additional scriptures or Bible stories for extended family study
  • Use as a family devotion or as a supplement for your homeschool Bible studies

With Character in Action, Character Concepts has once again developed a meaningful and practical parenting tool you and your kids will love! It is a blessing to follow Rick and Marilyn Boyer, and all the cousins, as we follow Jesus and love others well. 

*Disclaimer: I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. Plus, I would have ended up purchasing it anyway because I love Character Concepts. 😉 *

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