5 Silly Ways To Stay Sane As A Mom

The kids are fighting, the baby is crying, the living room floor is covered in Lego bricks, and dinner isn’t planned. I just want to give up and crawl back into bed. But, I know that I can’t. I have to be strong and do what is right. Does this sound familiar? I often resort to these silly ways to stay sane as a mom, because if I don’t do something silly I might do something crazy. You know?!

5 Silly Ways To Stay Sane As A Mom When Life Is Crazy

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Silly Ways To Stay Sane As A Mom When Life Is Crazy

Silly Songs 

My favorite silly songs are from Caspar Babypants. I will just crank it up and sing along. The kids usually join in, which stops the bickering and arguing. And if we’re lucky, the baby will be distracted by all of the silliness and stop crying! You can also make a “caspar babypants” station on Pandora and you’ll get a lot of fun and silly songs from a variety of artists.

Silly Stories 

I will gather all of the kids together and start a story chain. We all take turns adding a few sentences or events to the story which is a sure way to get everyone laughing and seeing who can make up the silliest parts of the story. Once in awhile, I write the story down as we go and let the kids illustrate it afterward. Keeps them busy for even longer!

Silly Voices

Sometimes I will take 15-minutes to read to the kids in the midst of the crazy and do it in my silliest voice. I will use a different voice for each character or if I’m feeling really ambitious, I will sing through the book opera-style! This usually causes the kids to have giggling fits. Other times, I use a silly voice to order the kids to calm down and pick up their mess. The silliness gets their attention!

Silly Food

Leftover pizza for breakfast, freshly baked dessert for lunch, waffles for dinner, or if I’m feeling really creative I’ll make one of those silly lunches found on Pinterest. Doing something totally different (or silly) and unexpected for our meal is often a great way to brighten our day. This is especially true for us because we stick to a pretty boring budget/menu plan most of the time.

Silly Relaxation

Playing “spa time” with my kids is a great way for me to get a “spa treatment” in while letting the kids get some creative energy out. My kids (even my oldest who is 11) will rub lotion into my feet or “do” my hair by putting about a million “hair pretties” all over my head while I read to them. Their favorite part is revealing what they’ve done by bringing me a mirror.

These are just a few of many silly ways to stay sane as a mom, find what works for you and your kids. Being silly seems to be a great stress reliever and we could all do with less stress in our lives. Next time you feel like your day is falling apart and nothing is going right, try doing something silly with your kids!

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  1. Kristen

    I love the spa day idea…can’t wait till me two littles are older so we can try that one.

  2. Cathy Thomson

    These ideas are so fun! It’s so fun to think that doing something silly can help to salvage a day where everything’s going wrong. It’s so much better doing something silly, and thus relieving pressure and creating fun memories, rather than bring uptight and stressed. It must be a great way to combat mum-guilt too! Thanks for your post, it was eye-opening!

  3. Missy

    How fun! Love your heart!

  4. Robin

    I love this post, so many days I feel like I’m barely hanging on by a thread to my sanity and patience. I am not creative like this by nature, but I know my kids would love it! Thank you for the ideas to brighten up some long days

    1. Tauna Meyer

      I’m so glad it encouraged you Robin! 🙂

  5. Alexis

    I love being silly with my children and they love to tell me that I struggle to act grown up! It is good they know it is all an ‘act’ 🙂

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