When Your Christmas Holidays Are Less Than Perfect

Feeling overwhelmed by the Christmas holidays? You’re not alone!

Sometimes we mammas can put a lot of pressure on ourselves. In all our planning and preparations, we strive to put on the perfect Christmas experience for our families. Then our stress and struggle shoots through the roof when things just don’t go the way we hoped.

  • We want peace … we get chaos and stress
  • We want joy … we get grumbling and disappointment
  • We want love … we get greed, friction, strife
  • We want meaning … we get blank stares when we talk about what matters
  • We want wonder … we come up short on the Christmas spirit
  • We want heaven on earth for just 24 hours (really, is that so much to ask?) … we get the flu, or conflict, or the bucket list left undone

Overwhelmed by the Christmas holidays? Did things not go as you hoped? Here's some Christ-centered encouragement for you and your family!

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Take heart, friend. Jesus came to us in circumstances that were very imperfect, too. There was death, loss, and hate in the air. There were no decorations or feasting in that humble stable. And the reception was modest considering this was the King of Kings.

If we look at the circumstances of Christ’s birth, it wasn’t much to brag about. But if we focus on the gift itself — on Jesus — we see beautiful simplicity. We see peace, joy, love, meaning, wonder, and heaven on earth! When we look for the details of God’s grace and mercy in the Christmas story, we see the light shining in the darkness. Our hearts rejoice in this imperfect story because in the midst of it is the perfect Savior!

We can do this, too! We can embrace the imperfect this Christmas in our own celebrations. As you bustle about the festivities, remember these things:

  • He is our peace … find your rest and satisfaction in Jesus no matter what your circumstances are or what the day brings.
  • He is our joy … expect the regular disasters of life and instead dwell on the deep abiding joy we have in Christ.
  • He is our love … root yourself in the sacrificial and unchanging love of Jesus, loving others with your words, actions, and attitudes as an outpouring of His love instead of on your own strength.
  • He is our meaning … keep pointing yourself and your family to Christ, planting the seeds and trusting God with the growth.
  • He is our wonder... slow down and look for the details of God’s grace and mercy. Your Christmas holidays will be full of wonder!
  • He is heaven on earth … perfection won’t happen this side of heaven, friends! We look forward to heaven one day and to His second advent. And we remember that God is with us NOW as our strength and help in the messiness of life.

This Christmas, don’t strive for a perfect home, perfect food, perfect events, or perfect relationships. Just keep looking at our perfect Savior. ❤️

Praying you have a blessed holiday season. 

~ Tauna




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