Lighter Bible Reading Plans

Sometimes we need to be realistic and take on a lighter Bible reading plan. I read the One Year Bible when I first gave my life to Christ, but after that, I struggled with reading it on a regular basis. 

I knew that more we read the Bible, the more we WANT to read the Bible. But I also needed a successful experience and to not be overwhelmed by the task. 

I came across a Key Passages reading plan in a women’s devotional Bible my husband gave me one year as an anniversary gift. I put it into spreadsheet form and it became my plan for the year. It was simple, doable, and gave me the confidence to move on to a full plan the following year. 

Reading those key passages over the year also gave me that taste of God’s Word that left me desiring more. 

Would you like to try the Key Passages plan yourself this year? Here are the different versions available. I hope you are blessed by it!

Also make sure you check out this great article by Margie Haack about how hard it is to stick to a Bible reading plan. She provides a link to her reading plan, “Bible Reading Program for Slackers and Shirkers.” It is awesome. You read different areas based on the day of the week instead of the date. There is no guilt, temptation to cheat, or fear of falling behind. I call that a win. In fact, I may switch to it after my 90 day plan is over. 

Enjoy your time in God’s Word this year!

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  1. Tauna, I can’t seem to find the link to the Numbers or pdf version. Maybe I’m just missing it and you could redirect me. Thanks!

    I really like the Shirkers & Slackers reading program and may do that sometime in the future.

    Our church has started a Bible reading program that is very light and not Genesis through Revelation like most programs are. It actually starts with a 59-day overview of the Bible, goes to 30 days with Jesus, 30 days in Psalms, 31 days in Proverbs, etc. So far so good! Hope I can stick with it!

    1. Proverbial Homemaker

      Oh thanks so much for letting me know! Not sure what happened there, but it’s all fixed now. Let me know if you have any more problems with them!

  2. TarkheenaCrafts

    Oooo! I wonder if YouVersion would consider offering the “Shirkers and Slackers” plan? 😀

  3. Jenny

    Thanks for posting this Tauna!

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