Cultivate – My Word for 2014

I don’t do resolutions for New Years because I never keep them. I used to write out goals but they, too, would often fall by the wayside. 
Instead, I have stumbled upon a New Year tradition that keeps my focus on God and His plans and goals for me. Reflecting over the closing year, I pray and wait for one word or phrase from God. A simple thought that He will use to guide me in the New Year.
It. is. amazing. I highly recommend you try it yourself this year! 
Last year God led me on a journey in pursuit of becoming a gentle, joyful mom.  I look back on that experience with mixed feelings (more on this later), but if there is one big thing I learned, it’s this:
I cannot change myself. Not really.
The truth is, I’m still not a gentle, joyful mom most of the time. It’s still a struggle. Yet I have spent a year under the gentle teaching of the Holy Spirit. 
I have learned more fully that my part isn’t transformation, but rather it is to take up a heart position that is ready to receive the transforming work of God. 
I have been praying for a fresh perspective and new direction with what I’ve learned. God has answered my prayer with a word for 2014.
My part is to cultivate the soil of my life so that I am better able to grow and receive the transforming work of Christ.

“Trust in the LORD and do good; Dwell in the land and cultivate faithfulness.” ~ Psalm 37:3

What does cultivation mean?
– to prepare and break up soil for new planting
– to raise up, develop or grow by labor and attention
– to render more suitable for growth
– to nurture and tend 
– to be devoted to
Cultivation is work and requires a faithfulness only God can produce in us. God plants the seed in our lives and causes it to grow. By His Spirit, we cultivate the soil – the environment of our lives – so that the roots will be deep and the fruit good. He alone brings the growth and transformation we so long for. 
We cultivate faithfulness so that we can feed on the faithfulness of Christ. 
What does this mean in daily life? I am excited for what surprises God has in this for me and my family, but here are some of the areas I have been considering:
  • Cultivating spiritual life (prayer, devotion, spiritual disciplines) 
  • Cultivating my marriage 
  • Cultivating the ministry of motherhood 
  • Cultivating health
  • Cultivating a warm and welcoming home
Plans for Cultivation
I do hope you consider praying for your own word for 2014. I also hope you join me in my journey of cultivation this year (you can find all related posts on the Cultivate Faithfulness page). Here are some opportunities already!
Cultivating Faithfulness Series. Join me and some great bloggers right here every Wednesday for a new series about how we can cultivate faithfulness in various areas of our lives. 
Prayer. Becoming a Prayer Warrior is a powerful by Susan Evans that I will be working through. Join me at her Facebook page. The first 200 “likes” get the ebook version for free! I highly recommend it. 
Study and Devotions. Coffee for the Soul is my morning devotion that I also contribute to. Every day it speaks to my soul. Sign up for free daily devotions delivered to your inbox! 
You will also see a lot on this topic as I study and write on the Psalm 37 in the coming months. You can find everything I write this year on Cultivate by clicking on the button in the side bar. 
Health. After reading Weeding Out Wheat, we’ll be trying a 2-month gluten free trial to troubleshoot some health issues. I’ll also be joining Juicing Mamma for a 7-day juice fast. 
Inspiration. Would you like to know more about One Word and find inspiration for your own? Starting January 1, many Schoolhouse Crew Review members will link up in one place to share what their word of the year is. Happy browsing! 
God is the master gardener. He plants the seed and causes it to grow. Our part is to cultivate the soil of our life so that we can better receive His transformation.
Here’s praying all of us — for a year of cultivation, faithfulness, and the goodness of God!

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  1. “Take up a heart position that is ready to receive the transforming work of God.” — I love this! When we cultivate our hearts to be ready to receive more of God, He is able to live through us and grant us more joy in our lives, and all the other fruit of the Spirit will come, too, as we yield more and more to God!

  2. 2013 was the first year I managed to achieve half of the goals I set out to accomplish. More like I accomplished half of each goal really. But I really like your one word idea.

  3. Thanks Tauna for sharing this. I haven’t quite gotten my word for this year, though I have the Bible verses for this year. Soon. I did the one word thing last year and found it such a wonderful thing.

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