Robotics for Young Children

Do you have a budding little engineer who needs some projects appropriate for their level of development? Try robotics for young children! Our family is definitely a building family. Imagine my delight to find that Timberdoodle provides great building experiences for our littlest engineers, including the Robotis Play 600 Pets kit

Robotis Pets Kits are SO fun! Great toy that teaches robotics for young children.

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What is Robotis Play 600 Pets? 

The Robotis Play 600 Pets Kit is an entry level robotics kit for kids ages 6 and up, although we used it with our younger kids as well. The pieces are large and easy to handle, without any need for special tools or supplies. Except for two AA batteries, everything you need is right in the kit! 

The kit comes with the pieces and instructions for three builds: a bluebird, a puppy, and a cricket. You can find online instructions for more builds as well. The instructions are visual and very easy for kids to follow, with step-by-step diagrams that tell them which pieces to use next and where they should go. They snap into place with a little pressure. 

With the geared motor and all the pieces and instructions, your kids can make fun little pets that will move around and delight them! They’ll be so proud of their creations, and the build projects help them learn important skills such as: 

  • Fine motor skills
  • Hand-eye coordination 
  • Following instructions
  • Matching shapes and colors
  • Simple automation
  • Patterns 
  • Innovation

Our Building Projects

Opening a box of Robotis Pets Kit, teaching robotics to young children

Having so much fun putting together a Robotis pet!

Young children can learn robotics with the Robotis Pets Kit!

Our kids ages 3 through 8 had fun with the Robotis Pets Kit

Loved showing off her build from the Robotis Pets Kit!

We had SO much fun building these projects! My 6 year old girl jumped right in, excited to have a project of her own since many of the Lego sets we have are a bit too advanced. She was able to go through the instructions for the bluebird and, with a little help every once in a while, put the whole thing together herself. Look how proud she is! 

My 8 year old just had to join the fun, so later on he did the puppy. My other daughter (5) was able to put the cricket together quite well, even though I think it’s the more difficult of the three. She occasionally needed help snapping the pieces together or figuring out the next step if she got stuck, but was able to do most of it herself. She was so excited! We can’t wait to try out the online instructions for more builds. 

You can check out how the Robotis Pets work by watching this video from their site. 


Robotics for Young Children – Bottom Line

We would definitely recommend the Robotis Play 600 Pets kit and others like it! In fact, we have so much of our next year’s curriculum set already, this experience has convinced us to get more of these fun projects for hands-on learning fun. They make great gift ideas as well! 


  • Builds great skills with hands-on learning designed just for their developmental stage
  • Cute and fun to play with afterward. Interesting enough that multiple ages want to get involved
  • Fun way to teach robotics for young children
  • More online instructions for additional builds


  • Pieces can get lost, so it’s best to have rules about where the robots are played with and keep pieces in their box or baggies
  • The pieces are easy to put together, but that means they fall apart a little easier when they get dropped accidentally, which is to be expected. Just anticipate some rebuilding and helping your younger child practice perseverance. 🙂 

Find Out More & Connect with Timberdoodle

Robotis Pets Kits are SO fun! Great toy that teaches robotics for young children.

You can buy the Robotis Play 600 Pets kit by itself or as a part of several complete Timberdoodle curriculum kits such as the first grade kit. 

Connect with Timberdoodle: 

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