DIY Grapevine Wreaths

If you have grape vines (or a friend or neighbor who does), now is a great time to make some beautiful grapevine wreaths with them. Cut as many of the long, non-fruiting vines as you can and start wrapping them around each other. Done! 

small wreath for neighbor

First I cut a bunch of the vines off. Six medium to long vines will make a beautiful wreath. Of course, adding more will make it thicker. Just play with the diameter and thickness to get the look you want. 

All but the little curly tendrils and smallest leaves were removed from the vines. 

I had to put it down to take the picture, but I used both hands to hold the wreath and work the vines in

Then grab the base of a vine and start twisting it around. I would pull the vine through the middle as I went, wrapping it around itself as it grew thicker. No need for wire! Just tuck ends in where you want. As you add a new vine, find an opening to tuck it in and begin wrapping it around. 

When you’ve used all the vines you want, you can tuck things in here and there, gently squeeze the circle into a more precise shape, and trim tendrils and leaves if you want. 

The wreaths are beautiful as they are when green. In a few days they will brown and dry nicely. Then you may want to add some dried flowers, leaves, or other decorations. 

I happened to have the buds from the flowers my husband got me for my birthday. They look so pretty and simple just hot glued on! Don’t look too close though. I went a little nuts with the hot glue. 😉

I am going to make one more and use dried up wildflowers and pretty weeds from around our area. Making a bunch of these and decorating with Christmas flair would provide a good set of gifts for neighbors and friends too!

FIY: I hear you can also soak dry grape vines in water (such as in a storage tub) to make them pliable for wreaths. Make sure the cut end is submerged. 

What other ideas do you have for decorating these wreaths? 


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  1. Beautiful wreaths! Thanks so much for sharing on the HomeAcre Hop. Look forward to seeing what you’ll share on Thursday! Nancy HomeAcre Hop

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