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How to teach my child the alphabet seems to be a common question. Here are some tips on how to teach the alphabet to your little one and have fun in the process!

How To Teach My Child the Alphabet

If you’re a brand new homeschooler with a preschooler underfoot, you’re probably excited to begin teaching your child. One of the first concepts most parents introduce their children is the alphabet. If you’re interested in

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United States Facts for Kids

Learning about the United States of America is a full year-long class at most high schools. Most states require a U.S. History course be completed as part of the graduation credits. But should you really

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Teaching Kids About China

Teaching kids about China can seem daunting. However, there are countless possibilities for fun. China has a rich culture that dates back thousands of years. You could spend years studying China’s heritage and history and

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"How do I teach my child music?" seems to be a common question. Here is how you can not not only teach your child music but you can excel at it.

Teach My Child Music

A homeschool mom wants to provide the very best for her kids, but past the essentials of math, history, science, reading, and Bible, sometimes it’s hard to get to those other subjects she’d love to

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As a homeschool family one of the greatest things we can do is to encourage independent learning. Here are some tips on creating independent learners.

Creating Independent Learners

Our ultimate goal as educators of our children is to create independent learners. We all want to raise children who love learning: people who are able to take ownership over their own learning, so that

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Homeschooling with unit studies can add a whole different dimension to your homeschooling journey. Here are a few ways to us unit studies today!

Homeschooling with Unit Studies

If you’ve ever studied education or taught in a traditional school you’ve likely watched and studied how kids learn. You’ve probably noticed this in your own children as you homeschool as well. How do they

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I’m a domestically challenged homemaker, a “type B” homeschooler, a seriously imperfect wife and mom, and I once caught my crock pot on fire. (Don’t be jealous, now.)

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