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Not to brag or anything, but…
I’m a domestically challenged homemaker, a “type B” homeschooler, a seriously imperfect wife and mom, and I once caught my crock pot on fire. (Don’t be
jealous, now.)

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Teaching children about money is an important life skill that all children need to learn. Here are some tips to help your children learn about money management.

Teaching Children About Money

109sharesShareTweetPinWant a child who will succeed? They need to know how to use money, it is a life skill and so important to the growth of a young adult. Once teens are starting to make

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Teaching children about emotions can be tricky. Here are 4 steps to make the process a little bit easier.

Teaching Children about Emotions

ShareTweetPinEveryone has feelings. One of the goals of parenting is the help the three-year-old express why he is angry instead of having a meltdown in the middle of the grocery store. Likewise, parenting is about

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How can I teach my child about anger is a big parental hurdle. Here are a few helpful tips.

Teach My Child About Anger

ShareTweetPinAre you one of those parents who has a child with anger issues? You’ve done all the right steps…go to church, pray together, have devotions and homeschool. But, maybe you’ve discovered it’s not enough. Have

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Teaching your child to tell time can seem like an impossible task. Stacey has some tips on how to make it simple and easy!

Teaching Kids to Tell the Time

ShareTweetPinTeaching kids to tell time can be a hard task, however we know that the concept of time is an important skill which children can start learning from a young age. A good understanding of

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