Praying for Obedient Hearts

Teaching our kids to obey is something every parent and follower of Christ should do for their kids, as well as praying for obedient hearts. A heart of biblical obedience sets them up for success in the world and helps them to follow God’s ways. As parents, we are called to teach our children to know and love the Lord, to be readers and doers of His Word, and to trust and obey Him. Part of obeying God is obeying us, their parents, because God commands it.

Of course, WE are commanded to obey God, too! He tells us not to provoke our children to anger, to pray for our family diligently, to follow His ways and put Him above all other things, and to trust Him as He guides us. I’m pretty certain that if we all sat down and gave it 10 minutes of thought, we’d see that we struggle with obedience, too. And since we know that God, our loving Father, is perfect in every way and has our best interest in mind, it should be easy to obey Him, right? Well, I don’t know about you, but it’s still a struggle for me sometimes. 


Pray for obedient hearts in yourself and your loved ones with these journaling pages, scripture cards, scripture coloring pages and more! Part of the Read, Pray, Love challenge.

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I WANT to obey the Lord. I want my children to know and obey the Lord, too. The best thing I can do as a daughter of the King and the mom of the precious souls He’s entrusted to me is to pray for them diligently. So I am taking up the challenge to make it a practice in my life – praying for obedient hearts in myself and my family. Will you join me? 

The Praying for Obedient Hearts pack includes 4 scriptures and a journal that helps us to focus our prayers on this godly character trait. You’ll get a scripture art print and coloring page, scripture memory verse cards, and journal pages for each of the memory verses. All are available in ESV and KJV! You can find this and more prayer packs in the Proverbial Homemaker Store

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Read, Pray, Love 2017

The scripture printable pack above is the February set for Read, Pray, Love 2017, a year-long effort to pray the scripture for our family and godly character! This year I am joining with parents just like you in a commitment to pray diligently for our families and stay rooted in prayer. Every month covers a new godly character trait and includes new printables. You can join anytime, starting at the beginning or jumping in with the current month!

Click here to find out all about Read, Pray, Love 2017 and the accountability and resources available

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For the 2016 edition of Read, Pray, Love, click here

I NEED THIS! Read, Pray, Love includes gorgeous scripture art prints and memory verse cards with COLORING PAGES! A Prayerful Woman 5-Day Challenge - Set yourself up for success in your Bible reading and prayer!

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  1. Kim F.

    Tauna, I am SO very happy that you are doing another year of Read, Pray, Love!!! Our family has been so very blessed this past year as I took the challenge to memorize a verse a week with my children- you had all the work laid out there in front of me! I had no excuse not to do it!! There are no words to express the blessing this has been. Thank you so much for sharing your hard work. i hope others will join in and make the commitment to hide God’s Word in our hearts. I am SO excited to have a new year of this to look forward to. Thank you!!!

  2. April

    Absolutely beautiful! I’m looking forward to Read, Pray, Love, and focusing on my prayer life! Thank you so much!

  3. Jean

    Dear Tauna,

    Thank you for blessings us with Read Pray Love, I will let my family and friends be blessed by giving them the link..

    God Bless You,

  4. Sarah

    Are you going to do it again for 2018? Or does it not matter because the calendar bit is not dated?

    1. Tauna Meyer

      You can use it any year! Nothing is dated 🙂

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