Simple Ways to Serve Your Husband

I’m always trying to find ways to be a blessing to my husband. It is so important in keeping our marriage strong and fresh. Even the seemingly small things can have a big impact. When you serve your husband, you are serving the Lord by being a good steward of marriage, this sacred relationship He has gifted you with!

How can you serve your husband? Here are some simple ways.

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One of the best things we can do as wives is to study our husbands, looking for the ways they uniquely receive love and respect, and how to communicate that to them effectively. 

Here are a just a few simple things I’ve found are helpful for my husband. Perhaps some of them are true for yours as well!

  • Don’t “dump” my day on him as soon as he walks in the door. Wait at least 15 minutes to let him decompress.
  • Have clean hand towels in the bathrooms. That seems odd to me, but he’s grossed out by my son’s liberal use of them.
  • Don’t let the clean sock supply get too low. It’s really important to the man! 🙂
  • Help him stay connected with others, either by reminding him or by arranging connections.
  • Take care of myself: get enough sleep, have time with friends, take down time for myself, spend time in the Word, etc. (“Happy wife, happy life!”)
  • Set up special times for him and the kids. Get everything ready for bath time, make plans for a father-son/daughter outing, set out a Bible or pile of books and some popcorn, etc.
  • Pray for him all the time! For his work, his commute, his health, his walk with Jesus, his relationships…
  • And I learn more each year!

How can you find new ways to serve your husband?

Sit down and start a list of the things that mean the most to him. Purpose to do one each day and see what an impact it has on your marriage!

Ask him. What could you do to make his day go smoother? What household things do you do that he especially notices and appreciates? What would he like you to do more of/differently? Are there responsibilities you could take over to ease his burden?

I have asked my husband these things several times over the years. Sometimes he has insights to offer and other times he doesn’t. It’s still a good practice, even though most of my discoveries come from observation.

Watch him. See if his habits reveal some good ideas. I watched my husband walk from the bathroom to the kitchen just to was his hands because he didn’t want to use the bathroom towels! He makes a positive comment when he walks in the door and there is music playing or I’m reading to the kids, instead of chaos and screaming. 

Listen to him. What seems like a common gripe is often an opportunity for us to help him out. For example, my husband gets frustrated when he can’t find things. It can become a major source of frustration for him. I could really help him by organizing certain areas in our home and getting everything in their places. Guess I should do that, right? 🙂

So what about you? What can you do today to serve your husband?

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Simple Ways to Serve Your Husband


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  1. Very thought provoking!

  2. Hi thanks for sharing these ideas. I keep thinking to myself that I miss certain things from early on in our marriage. Reading this post comes on the heels of my conviction that if I miss them, he must too! I can’t be responsible for what he does, or doesn’t do, but I can be for me!

  3. Hi great article! my husband has a thing for a spotless refridgerator. I have to remind myself of what makes him happy at home too. God bless your homemaking

    1. Thank you Amy!

  4. This is a great article! I really like your suggestions at the end about watching him, asking him, and listening to him! I have found that when I really pay attention, prayerfully, to my husband and try to think of ways to serve and surprise him, all the first-love feels come back! Remember how you used to focus on him with such intensity when you were dating! Oh, I just wanted to soak up EvERYTHING and I was dying to be everything he wanted and needed. Sometimes I get out of that habit now; it’s nice to remember what that was like and rekindle the love a bit 🙂

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