Uncle Wiggily’s Story Book – Unit Activities and Printables

Printables, copywork, and activity ideas for the Uncle Wiggily Story Book

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Uncle Wiggily’s Story Book – Unit Activities and Printables

Uncle Wiggily is a classic American character in children’s literature. Written by Howard Garis, volumes of short stories featuring the “bunny rabbit gentlemen” have delighted kids for generations. Some collections are available in the public domain.

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One of the books still in print is Uncle Wiggily’s Story Book. This is the book we know and love in our home and it is also on popular reading lists such as Sonlight’s.

Uncle Wiggily is an old, friendly rabbit that delights in serving others and solving problems. Each story presents a challenging situation or character, and Uncle Wiggily seeks out a way to discreetly help in whatever way he can. My kids always love the different forest animals and their lively adventures together. The stories are short, engaging, and provide a treasure trove of character and life lessons!

Join me over at Meet Penny, where you can find great activities to do with your kids along with these stories, including language arts, math, science, and art.

Plus, you can download a FREE printable pack with character-based, copywork, and notebooking pages.

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