Valentine’s Activities About God’s Love

My last post was about Valentine’s Day activities that focused on loving and serving others outside the family. 

Today, I want to share some fun activities I found that can help our families express love toward God and celebrate the amazing truth that He loves us.

Serve and Bless Others!

Find some ideas in the last post about serving people outside your family. And serve your family at home as well as your church family! 

You could also talk with your kids about what it means to serve “the least of these,” and find some way to do so. Work to raise money and donate to a good cause like Compassion International, International Justice Mission, or a local charity that serves the poor or oppressed.

Here is a great book that may help you choose some hymns
Source: via Tauna on Pinterest

Sing to Jesus

Choose a hymn or two that your family can learn together to worship Jesus. Some ideas we like are the Doxology and My Jesus I Love Thee. Here is a list “good for kids” hymns you might like to browse.

Free valentine’s day devotions

Offer Devotion, Praise and Thanks

Spend some time over a family dinner taking turns listing the things you love about God and that He has done for you. Spend time in prayer thanking Him for those things. Find a special devotion that you can do as a family and just dwell on His love for you.

Create a Banner of Love

I saw this idea over at The Heartfelt Home and I love it! It’s a relatively easy craft. Make a banner of paper hearts to hang around the home. Each heart has scriptures about how God loves us, one of His names, a quote, etc.

What other ways can we celebrate God’s love this month?

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