Christian Radio Theater That Builds Character (With Lee in Virginia)

We are always on the lookout for fun, educational ways to teach our children about the heroes of history. Finding the truly noble, valiant, and self-sacrificing men and women of history that point to Christ is a fantastic way to build up character in our young ones – and in us! That’s why we jumped at the chance to review another Heirloom Audio Productions radio theater, this time an amazing adventure called With Lee in Virginia

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Our kids are fairly young, all 7 and under, so we have just begun to venture into the world of the amazing G.A. Henty adventures! These stories are full of bravery and true heroes, wonderful for all of our children but especially the boys!

Having already reviewed Under Drake’s Flag by Heirloom Audio Productions, we knew that this one would be a hit for everyone as well. The amazing music, sound effects, and voice acting make their radio theater truly amazing experiences that will keep you at the edge of your seat and move your heart. 

My favorite thing about them, of course, is how they point to Christ, speaking to our children about honor and sacrifice, and of putting the needs of others above our own. 

With Lee In Virginia – Family 4-Pack 

If you purchase the Family 4-pack , you will get:

  • 2 CDs with 2.5 hours of audio drama
  • MP3 download of the story
  • eBook of the original G.A. Henty story of With Lee in Virginia
  • PDF download of the Study Guide
  • A beautiful printable quote of Robert E. Lee’s that you can post in your home.

It’s pretty fantastic! You can also purchase just the CDs or MP3 download. 

I definitely recommend listening to the whole story once through before using the study guide because there is just so much to take in and enjoy. You won’t have to convince anyone to listen twice! You will get the full force of the drama, wonderful acting, and amazing story line and then study it further the second time around. The study guide includes comprehension questions, digging deeper type discussion questions, simple activities to extend learning, and more.

Listening to the Audio Drama in Our Home

My son and I enjoyed the recordings together during nap times for the other kids. He is 7 years old and and the oldest of 5. It is definitely a story better suited for 6 and up and kids who are not easily bothered by drama and intense scenes. There are also sections of the story that are difficult and will need some conversation on your part.

My kids have not had a lot of exposure to the brutal details of slavery and so hearing people being treated so badly was hard for my son and we had to stop and talk about it – the historical context, what ultimately came about, and what it means for us today. We have come across this when listening to or reading missionary stories as well, but it’s just something to be aware of. An up-front conversation might be a good idea before you jump in!

G.A. Henry books in general, and audiobooks and dramas like this in particular, are wonderful for homeschooling families. You can enjoy a glimpse into history in such an exciting and engaging way! The study guide and additional activities can give you great ideas for working in not only history but geography, character, narration, copywork, and more!

Bottom Line

We love G.A. Henty and know that we will be reading/listening to many more stories as our kids grow and learn. We can’t wait! I am so thankful for the amazing way that Heirloom Audio Productions brings these stories to life. We can’t help but be wowed by the quality, music, and actors (Sean Astin, Kirk Cameron, Brian Blessed, Chris Anthony, Kelsey Lansdowne, and Jim Weiss). They have become a valuable addition to our library!

Find Out More 

Learn about With Lee in Virginia and Listen to a 3-Minute Sample




With Lee in Virginia Audio Drama Review
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  1. Wendy

    Thanks for the recommendation. We love G.A. Henty too. And I have kids all the way up to 15. His stories can span a wide range. We haven’t listened to any of these radio dramas, but will have to look into those next. We just finished, In Freedoms Cause, about Scotland’s fight for freedom from England under Edward I with William Wallace and Robert de Bruce. Wonderful. You should be able to enjoy Henty for a lot of years yet.

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