15 Great Reasons to Homeschool High School

Homeschooling high school can be intimidating, whether you’re just starting out on your homeschool journey or have been doing for years! Fortunately, there are so many resources and support options for homeschooling high school, that it’s completely doable to homeschool all the way to graduation. Not only is it possible to homeschool high school, but there are so many reasons why it’s a blessing to both you and your students! Here are just 15 reasons to homeschool high school to get you started. 🙌

15 great reasons for why its a wonderful idea to homeschool high school! (Plus helpful resources to explore as you get started.)

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15 Great Reasons to Homeschool High School


Homeschooling provides the time to really build family love and nurture relationships, both between teens and their parents and among siblings. With just four years left before they graduate, the time is precious! 


You’ll have much more the and focus to intentionally disciple your children and teach them God’s Word as well as doctrine and theology. If they were off at school, they’d be gone all day and would spend their evenings with activities and homework. The little time you would have would be spent un-doing the negative influences of what they learned, both formally and informally, in school. 


High school is a prime time for character development, as students learn to self-govern more, deal with temptations, and take on more responsibilities. Growing in Christ is a huge reason to homeschool high school, and we are able to be with them during the day for more opportunities to coach and guide them through these issues. 


Homeschooled children perform significantly better than those who attend public or private schools. More and more, college recruiters are actively seeking out homeschoolers. 

Customized Education

Your high schooler will benefit from an education that meets their needs and goals. You can adapt pacing and methods for gifted or special needs students, find curriculum that fits their learning style, and easily adjust instruction based on their strengths and weaknesses. 

Flexible Schedule

With homeschooling, families are able to design their own high school schedule. It’s easier to be spontaneous with breaks or family outings, wake-up times can be adjusted to meet the sleep needs of growing teens (and their moms lol), and it’s easier to adjust when big life events such as new babies, moving, or loss disrupt the regular routines. 


Although this is one of the concerns about homeschooling that often comes up, it’s actually a strength and a great reason to homeschool high school. Homeschool students are more properly socialized for the real world (and this is reflected in studies), with experiences interacting with a variety of people of all ages. 

More Free Time

High school is a level up work no matter what schooling option you choose. But homeschooling allows for more efficient use of time. Instead of taking up all their time with classroom transitions, commuting, or hours of evening homework, they can get things the same amount of work done in a timely manner and have plenty of time for their own activities and interests. 



Homeschoolers have just as many wonderful opportunities as traditional schoolers. Intentional families can join or create opportunities for special classes, scholarships, social events, extra curricular activities, sports programs, cultural experiences, and more. With the flexibility of schedule, homeschoolers are also more able to do things like jobs that happen during the day, internships and apprenticeships, job shadowing, and travel! 

Independent Learning

One reason why colleges love homeschooled high schoolers so much is that they are great independent learners. High school is the time when parents can best teach their students how to be self-motivated, organize and complete work independently, and set and accomplish their own goals. It will serve them well in college or anything they pursue after high school! 

Exploring Interests

With more time and flexibility, high schoolers are better able to pursue their interests when they homeschool. You can find or create classes based on their interests, do extra curricular activities that fit their schedule, and give them time to enjoy their own hobbies. 

Cultivating Gifts

As your students grow and mature, you’ll see their God-given gifts emerge. High school is a wonderful time to cultivate those gifts and give your children opportunities to grow them. 

Love of Learning

Sometimes high school is intense academically. Homeschoolers can easily make adjustments to curriculum, methods, or activities so that their students enjoy it as much as possible!

Better Environment

Homeschool students don’t have to deal with the extra drama and peer pressure that comes with traditional schooling. They also enjoy more safety physically, an environment that is nurturing and 

It’s a Blessing for US

Not only is homeschooling the best educational option for kids, but it’s wonderful for us as well! We get to know our teens more, enjoying their company and watching their personalities and God-given gifts unfold. We get to take advantage of these precious few years to have fun together, learn together (and all the read-alouds! ❤️), and help our kids know and love the Lord as we launch them into adulthood. Such a great reason to homeschool high school, indeed! 

Looking for Some Great Resources to Homeschool High School? 

There are SO many fantastic resources that I have found about homeschooling high school. Here are a few that have helped us most to get started successfully!

  • 7 Sisters Homeschool I have found their articles incredibly helpful for practical tips and encouragement. You’ll also find a podcast by them! In particular, we’ve really enjoyed their no-fuss writing and literature curriculum. Highly recommend!
  • The HomeScholar If you want up-do-date help on preparing for college, keeping records, testing, saving money on tuition, etc., then The HomeScholar is where you want to go! I spent the whole summer before we started 9th grade digging through her books, resources, and membership. Very valuable!
  • It’s Not That Hard to Homeschool High School I love the “just calm down” and practical help that this site has for homeschooling high school. It can be particularly helpful when you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the things. 
  • FundaFunda Academy My oldest has enjoyed their coding and writing classes and is planning to take a graphic design class next year. The support from their teachers along with info on their accompanying blog and podcast have also been extremely helpful for me this year! 

Want to chat homeschooling high school (or any other grade)? Join me in the Homeschool Successfully FB group for Christian moms!

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