What’s Filling Up Your Morning Cup?

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I shared these thoughts at a recent women’s meeting.
We made these fun cups to remember it by.
(dollar store cups, sharpie, 450 for 30 min!)

Most of the time, it seems like I can’t get through the day without copious amounts of coffee. Yes, I know. I have coffee issues. Work in progress! 

Lately I’ve been thinking about how much more I need to live each day filled by the Holy Spirit. I feel dry and thirsty most days, dragging my feet. 

Can you relate?

Jesus desires that you and I should live continuously filled by His Spirit. So, how can we do it? 

1) Ask for it in faith! 
2) Remove hinderances 
3) Yield to the Spirit 

1) Ask! The Lord commands us to be filled with the Spirit. Anything we ask according to His will, He will answer. 

Every morning this week, pray and ask for the Holy Spirit to fill you as you prepare for a new day or as you enter into a sensitive situation or conversation. I don’t know why it’s so hard for me to remember to do this. But when I do, it makes such a big difference!

2) Remove hinderances.  If a brother has something against you, or any strife, make it right as best you can. If there is sin in your life, confess it, repent, and ask forgiveness. Experience God’s cleansing work in your life as you clean out your spiritual cup and get ready to be filled!

3) Yield to the Spirit. Live in such a way that you are alert to the work of the Spirit and offer yourself to be filled by Him. 
    • In yielding, you are emptied of yourself: solitude, silence, prayer, fasting, simplicity, giving, serving silently
      • In yielding, you draw close to Him: studying the Word, memorizing scripture, through song and music, praise, fellowship, sharing our stories

    This yielding is a sacred and beautiful aspect of the life of a believer. 

    It is the act of pouring out and filling up.

    It’s like breathing. 

    It is being the woman at the well and choosing to throw out anything that doesn’t satisfy and eagerly receiving an abundance of real life and satisfaction in Jesus.

    It is there that our cup truly runs over. 

    Pray and ask Him to show you what He has for you. Does your cup contain things that do not truly satisfy? Do you thirst for more connection to Him and to be filled with His Spirit? 

    Pray for that filling, clean out your cup, and yield your life to Him as He fills you with an abundant life in the Spirit!  

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    This Post Has 7 Comments

    1. Pamela

      Encouraging. Challenging. My cup poured out and now turned up just waiting for it to be filled!

    2. Selena

      What a great post! I also LOVE coffee, and I have felt convicted about starting my day with Jesus, and keeping my eyes and thoughts focused on Him. It’s so easy to just check off quiet time on the to-do list, and then pour coffee down my throat all day while trying to accomplish my agenda. Thanks for the reminder to focus upwards, expecting to be filled with all that I need for each day.

      I also love your header. 🙂 Nothing IS impossible with God!

      Selena (visiting from Time Warp Wife)

      1. Proverbial Homemaker

        Thanks Selena! I was pretty pleased with that header too but you’re the first person to comment on it. 🙂

    3. Cordelia Hosler

      Thank You – wonderful reminders. I wish I would run to the Lord as easily as I “run to coffee.” I want others to be able to drink from my cup as I have grown up with godly parents and have a godly husband. But I know it would be good for it to be full, first. I daily spend time with my Lord; but I need quality time with Him. Blessings

      1. Proverbial Homemaker

        Thank you Lindsey! That is really kind and I’m so glad it could be an encouragement. Will snag the button! 🙂

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