Holiday Traditions from Around the World

A fun way to homeschool around the holidays is to take some of the more unusual Christmas traditions and to incorporate them into your day.  This is a good way for you to teach your kids about Geography, about cultures other than our own, and about Christmas in general.  It’s also a great way to give yourself and your kiddos a break during a busy time of the year.

Homeschool Around the Holidays


Around the world, people celebrate Christmas in very different ways.  Like in America, there is often symbolism which points to the coming of Baby Jesus in a Manger.  However, there is also a surprising amount of traditions which involve evil spirits, witches, and superstitions.  Fortunately, even if you don’t want to mix those dark subjects into your celebration, there are still plenty of other more benign traditions you can explore with your kids.

Here are 16 Unique Christmas Traditions from Around the World:

1 – Brazil

A popular gift-giving tradition in Brazil involves those from an amigo secreto, a secret friend.  These admirers give small gifts all through the month of December using a false name, only to reveal their true identify on Christmas Day.  Try creating a Secret Santa gift exchange in your family or homeschool group.

2 – Canada

Canadians have many cookie baking parties and cookie swaps.  Invite several friends over to bake cookies.  Have everyone bring different ingredients.  Split up the cookies at the end so that everyone has a generous plateful to take home.

3 – China

Only about 1% of the population are Christian so most people don’t understand the true meaning of the holiday – even though they manufacture the vast majority of Christmas decorations for the rest of the world.  One tradition they do observe, however, is to give each other apples on Christmas Eve.  This is likely because Christmas Eve in Chinese is Ping An Ye which is similar to the Chinese word for apple, Ping Guo.  Have your kids do an apple exchange.  You can purchase different types of apples so that they can see which ones are sweeter or more firm than others.

4 – Egypt

Egyptians have a Holy Nativity Fast for the 43 days before Christmas.  During this feast, they basically follow a vegan diet which means no meat, eggs, or cheese.  On Christmas Eve, they attend a church service that starts at 10am and can last as late as 4am.  They then have a huge feast which contains all of the foods that they weren’t allowed to eat during their fast.  Try to observe this type of fast at your house – even if it’s only for one day.

5 – England

Santa leaves presents in the children’s stockings on Christmas Eve.  However, if they’ve been naughty, they might find a lump of coal instead.  Have your children hang stockings and see what Santa brings them.  πŸ™‚

6 – Finland

On Christmas Day, the Finnish people light candles on the graves of their loved ones.  Visit a cemetery and light a candle on the grave of one of your loved ones.

7 – France

The French have a tradition where they dress up and eat a multi-course meal on Christmas Eve.  They often have 13 desserts to represent Jesus and the 12 apostles.  They also stay awake all night long to usher in Christmas morning.  Try to have a large meal with your family and serve several desserts.  See how long your children can stay awake.

Homeschool Around the Holidays


8 – Germany

On Christmas Eve, German parents hide a pickle on the Christmas tree.  The first one to find it on Christmas morning gets a small gift.  Try putting a pickle ornament on your Christmas tree and see who can find it.  You can even try hiding it each evening of December and let your kids try to find it when they wake up.

9 – Great Britain

Children in Great Britain write their wish lists to Father Christmas and then instead of mailing the letters, they throw them in the back of the fireplace, hoping the draft will carry them up the chimney and to the North Pole.  If the child’s letter catches fire before it flies up the chimney, the child must write a new letter.  Have your children write a letter to Father Christmas and mail it in whichever manner you desire.  Most post offices have special spots for letters to Santa around this time of year if you choose to go that route.

10 – Iceland

Icelandic children leave a shoe on their window sill during the 12 Days of Christmas.  They awake each morning to find a sweet treat or gifts for them to enjoy.  Have your children put one of their shoes on a window sill and you can surprise them in the morning!

11 – Ireland

Rather than leaving out cookies and milk for Santa, the Irish leave mince pies and a bottle of Guiness.  They also leave a tall, thick candle burning in the window on Christmas Eve as a signal to Mary and Joseph that there is room for them at their house.  Have your kids help you make a unique snack for Santa and burn a candle in the window.

Homeschool Around the Holidays


12 – Japan

With few Christians in Japan, Christmas is seen more as a time for spreading cheer than as a religious celebration.  And the Japanese celebrate Christmas Eve more than Christmas Day. With a focus on couples spending time together, it actually is celebrated more like Valentine’s day.  Young couples exchange gifts and enjoy activities like strolling around looking at Christmas lights and eating a romantic meal.

13 – Portugal

The Portuguese have a feast on Christmas morning called Consoda, which is a time for remembering the dead.  They set places at the table for their loved ones who have passed away.

14 – Slovakia

A Slovakian tradition is that the oldest man in the house to take a spoonful of pudding and throw it at the ceiling.  The more that sticks the better.  You may want to adapt this slightly so that you don’t make a giant mess.  But any activity you can come up with that involves throwing pudding will probably be a winner with the kids.

15 – Ukraine

Rather than decorating the Christmas tree with tinsel, Ukrainians decorate with an artificial spider and web.  Try decorating your tree with something unique such as artificial spider web.  See what the kids can come up with!

16 – Venezuela

Venezuelans attend mass on Christmas, which is a tradition around the world.  However, some Venezuelans have developed the tradition of going to mass on roller skates.  That is anything but typical!

As you can see, there are many unique Christmas traditions which are observed around the world.  Pick a few that you think will interest your children.  Point out the country that celebrates it on a globe.  Look at pictures of the country in Google.  Listen to some of their music.  Try some of their recipes.  And participate in a few of their Christmas traditions.  This is a great way to have some fun while learning about different people from around the world!

Homeschool Around the Holidays

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  3. Here in Catalonia we have a log or a tree stump called Caga-tiΓ³. We set it up on deaember 8th and the kids feed him and pamper him till desember 24th. On Christmas Eve the children atands in fron of him and they take turns singing the tiΓ³ song while they whip him gently, some more than others… And at the end of the song the CagatiΓ³ poos a present!

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    It’s always fun to learn about the traditions of other countries, especially the reasons behind the traditions.

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  36. This is a great post! My husband’s family does the pickle thing and they gave us our own pickle ornament to do with our kids, but I haven’t made it part of our traditions… lol. I usually just put it on the tree and tell the kids the original tradition.

  37. Thank you for sharing about the different traditions around the world. My husband is from Mexico and our kids are now getting old enough to understand that in different parts of the world people do things in different ways. Have a Merry Christmas.

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    In West Africa, we have an all night Christmas Eve service. There are carols and a sermon, but the biggest part is like a talent show. People prepar solos or skits. Some people memorise poems and recite them. There is dancing and lots of joyful praise time. In the wee hours of the morning, we all have a potluck meal together. It is a happy, crazy, tiring, but wonderful tradition.

  46. We enjoyed reading about different Christmas traditions from around the world. The kids are scheming about how to make them a part of our family.

  47. My kids and I learned about a Spanish Christmas tradition last year. It’s called Tio de Nadal, I believe. Everyone should look it up — it’s really cute. My sons cracked up over the idea of a log being told to excrete presents and candy (to be polite about the idea). Not everyone will find it appropriate, but I think it’s harmless — definitely not for the more reverent moments of Christmas, though. Christmas should definitely be spent with more of those than the stranger, funnier traditions.

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    Our family is expecting our 6th child January 9th so the cash giveaway would be a blessing for delivery and baby essentials!! Thank you for all you do on your blog to bless all of us!

  89. I cant wait to incorporate the different traditions of different countries in our holiday lessons.
    We would use part of the financial blessings on clothes cause my 12 year old girl is growing like a weed

  90. This would be a blessing since our income was less than usual this year. It would also help us to bless others.

    Thanks for the interesting Christmas traditions. Even though I lived in Germany for 4 years, I never heard of the pickle tradition. I’ll have to ask my host family about that! πŸ™‚

  91. I would definitely like to use part of it to bless someone else. When money is tight – even though we still give to others – I miss being able to give monetarily in a bigger amount, as my heart desires. The rest we would put toward recovering what we have had to spend in the last month. It has not been a great financial month for us this month. But God has provided and blessed us – so no fussing here πŸ™‚ – (Not that others are fussing, my heart goes out to all who are hurting!)

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  93. My daughter just wrote her Christmas wish note to Santa…. it read “dear Santa, please, let me stay home from school forever. There are mean girls there and I feel scared and sad all day. I want to learn at home where I feel safe and free to be me. Thank you Santa! Please bring love to the mean girls so they can be kind”. So, as you can see, if I won the $500, I would be purchasing a complete homeschool curriculum and pulling my daughter from public school. She is in her first year of traditional
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  94. Apolonia Sanchez

    I would take the money, and buy stuff to give to the needy. My husband was laid off the entirer summer, and it still hard with 7 children. Dont matter what my situation is we have a van, house, and food. My kids dont have gifts, and its 7 of them. We are bless to be alive, and have all the blessings we have. God is awesome, and I will never forget my struggles, but know God is there.

  95. I love these different ideas. We are going to try to do the French tradition on a smaller scale this year If I were to win the $500, I would pay off a bill and I would get my husband Christmas presents. As of right now my husband and I don’t have the money for presents for each other – just a couple for our kids.

  96. Thank You for sharing all the holiday traditions from around the globe!! It is always fun to talk about such differences.
    The most interesting of all is that same message is found almost everywhere…Through giving we receive the most.. Love, caring, compassion for our loved ones and complete strangers is our true purpose.
    Not only during these holidays, but throughout the entire year.
    So many families are finding just simply surviving difficult these days, Whether from lost jobs, falling ill or any other happen stance, there is much uncertainty. Thank you for joining your fellow bloggers and deciding to shed a bit more hope and light, into someones holiday.
    We can not all receive this great gift, but I am certain we all wish one another a wonderful and safe holiday and the most happiest of new years!!

  97. michelle houchlei

    Winning this would be a great blessing for us to help with travel to our families for Christmas. Thank you for the chance!

  98. We practice Second Christmas at our house. Christmas day is the day we celebrate Christ’s birth, and focus on what Christmas is all about. We celebrate the day after Christmas with gifts and family.

  99. What a blessing this could be. We have been starting our own business for the last 7 months ( and are financially in the negatives, barely scraping up enough for a mortgage payment. But God has been so faithful and we have been humbled by the love and help we have received.

  100. Money is very tight for us right now. Winning this would allow us to pay off our unexpected transmission bill faster.

  101. As a single mom, it would help me give the girls a good christmas, not just gifts, but meals as well and baking supplies.

  102. We have been hit by a lot of financial needs this year. My daughter needs a BAHA hearing aid, and the out of pocket expenses will exceed our flex spending account a by around $1500, I have some health concerns that have recently developed, both cars need repairs, and we are trying to get out of debt. We could definitely use an extra $500!

  103. Thank you for sharing the different Christmas traditions! I am starting a Christmas lesson next week with my kiddos about the countries they have chosen to learn about, Puerto Rico, Italy and Mexico!
    The money would help my family through birthdays and Christmas and help “my boys” in their education journey πŸ™‚

  104. Thank you for the Holiday Traditions post. We have an advent calendar that visits a different country each day. This post compliments it beautifully. Thanks for the drawing, as well.

  105. What a generous, wonderful giveaway! Thank you for blessing someone in a very special way this Christmas. God bless you!

  106. Winning would bless our family because we are very committed to making it a debt free holiday; with one income and 8 children, it’s not easy.

  107. This is awesome!!! I love all the insights about Christmas in different countries!!
    Just for clarification, in Brazil for the Amigo Secreto (secret friend) we don’t use fake names.
    Here is how it goes:
    On the day of the Amigo Secreto party, each one brings their gift and one by one a person stands in front of everybody and gives clues about who their secret friend is. We do the draw a few weeks before and we put a limit on how much the gift should be we also don’t tell anyone who our secret friend is – it’s a secret!
    So for example: Let’s say I drew Tauna’s name and she is now my secret friend. When my turn comes I would stand and say: “Meu amigo secreto ‘e… My secret friend is… very caring, she has a heart to minister to moms, she is a mother of 5 and it is always encouraging others to be… she is also known as the Proverbial Homemaker.” As you describe the person, others will shout out who they think the person is. The first one to get it right will be next!
    It’s so much fun!!! Even not leaving in Brazil anymore for 20+ years, we still do “Amigo Secretos” every Christmas season! πŸ™‚

  108. I would be very appreciative to win. There are so many “things” that keep popping up, and some extra money would be very helpful, and Id like to get a little something special for each one of us.

  109. $500 would be a blessing! We would take a half and use it to creatively bless others in our community and the other half would go to have a little savings.

  110. Cheryl Rahkonen

    If I won, I would give it to my daughter and her family. They are struggling right now and this would definitely help them with their bills.

  111. This would be a huge blessing. I would use part of it on my family and part of it to help someone in need. Maybe have my girls hand pout supplies to the homeless.

  112. It would help us with our Christmas gifts but it would also help us with some extra needs that we have. What a generous giveaway! Thank you!

  113. $500 would provide my family with a good Christmas to remember. I want this Christmas to be special for ny family. We found out my dad has Lou Gehrig’s disease in August. He is the glue that holds my family together. It would be nice to have one last good Christmas with happy memories before he gets to the point where he cannot enjoy Christmas with us.

  114. I would use this money to buy gifts for our amazing family members who helped take care of us after my husband and I were hit head on by a young drink driver this past Aug. My husband was out of work for three months…so money is tight. This blog post was very interesting…the pickle on the tree was strange.

  115. Thank you for offering this giveaway. Winning it would help our family with some home repair projects or with curriculum materials for next school year.

  116. I really like all the Traditions that you showed. I’ve always wanted to go through the different countries Christmas celebrations but never have had the time yet. $500 would really bless my family because my husband just is doing side jobs which are now his main jobs. His company doesn’t have work until April. We’ve been kind of struggling really badly but I know that God is faithful with all this and it’s making us look at what’s most important. Almost becoming minimalists πŸ™‚ but at the same time there are so many needs and $500 would just bless us as far as food, clothing for winter, and everything else in between. Out water pipes randomly were spraying water this week and my husband was up real late trying to patch them. As far as gifts, maybe even new blankets and sheets for the kids. They do want certain things for Christmas and I don’t think I would be able to actually purchase them but my heart is to do just that. Thank you so much for all the many posts that you do I love all of them so far! Thanks for the opportunity to try to win. πŸ™‚ Have a blessed week!

  117. I think I may buy a pickle ornament and try hiding it on our tree. I’ve seen those before but didn’t know that that is what they were for. Also, I laughed at the Irish tradition of leaving a Guinness for Santa. The Irish crack me up! (No offense meant to readers of Irish descent who do not drink alcoholic beverages.)

  118. Wow! What a wonderful post and a wonderful prize. it would bless our family significantly – either we’d put it towards the costs of moving somewhere a little bigger than our beautiful but tiny home, or on curriculum as we move from primary to high school. Thanks for the opportunity and Happy Christmas!

  119. This would be amazing – we’ve had lots of unexpected house expenses (like taking down a gigantic dangerous maple tree!). This would really help make our holiday great!

  120. I am loving the Christmas Around the World!!!!! What a great way to learn geography and culture! Thank you for all of the giveaways too! I’m sure it will be a huge blessing to anyone who receives these gifts!!

  121. Winning would definitely be a blessing to our family, it would allow us to pay for Christmas gifts without having to dip into our savings! Thank you for participating in this giveaway, and thank you for all the fun Christmas ideas from around the world!

  122. Thank you for the Christmas Tradition blog post. We have been looking for some new traditions since our Family Christmas Eve Party only has 2 small children. Also thank you for the the chance at the giveaway. Good luck everyone.

  123. Jenesa Niswonger

    What an awesome giveaway! We would give half the money to a family in need, and use the other half to help us pay off our debt. Thank you!!

  124. Oh my, the possibilities are pretty much endless. As a single income family, we could certainly use it to help with Christmas. My daughter is in need of braces that our insurance wont cover, so that is another possibility, as well as any of our other bills. It’s always such a joy to bless others at this time of year, so i’m sure we’d find some ways to do that as well. πŸ˜€

  125. We have had multiple plumbing emergencies crop up unexpectedly, and are still working through those problems. We are also planning to travel to visit my dad for Christmas to be with him after my stepmom passed away this summer. So $500 would be a real blessing right now. πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for hosting the giveaway. Merry Christmas!

  126. Wow, $500! There are so many ways we could use this but I think we’d probably give part towatd our churches Christmas gift for the unpaid staff members and then use the rest toward work we need done on our vehicle. Thanks for this opportunity!

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