21 Lego Family Fun Night Ideas

If you’ve been around Proverbial Homemaker for a while, you know we’re in the middle of an all-things-Lego phase with our kids! It has been so much fun exploring different ways to teach with Legos and we’ve found our groove with our Lego Bible Challenges.

Lately we have been trying a new family activity day rotation in our regular monthly routine. One night a week includes family game night! (We other weeks are family service day, outing/field trip, and movie night). It’s a fun and simple way to do all the things we want to do without cramming our schedule too full. It also means that I’ve been looking at fun and frugal game night ideas that the whole family can enjoy!

21 Lego Family Fun Night Ideas

Nowadays, we have girly Legos for our pink-loving girls, Duplos for the toddler, giant legos for the baby (who mostly chews on them), and a large bin of lego parts and kits for the oldest. What could be more fun than having a Lego family game night? Today I’m sharing some ideas we plan on using and a few resources you might want to check out for your own family Lego experiences.

21 Lego Family Fun Night Ideas

  • Scavenger Hunt – Hide baggies of Legos around the house and give clues until all the legos have been found. Free build or suggest a build goal and take pictures of their creations.
  • Treasure Hunt – Mix a bucket of Lego pieces with some mini figs and kids take turns trying to find whichever mini fig you specify before the timer runs out. 
  • Lego Flicking Game – Start at one end of the table and flick a Lego across it with your fingers, trying to land within a marked space at the end of the table (use tape to mark an area or box). 
  • Bible Lego Challenges – These Bible Lego Challenges make great family builds that double as devotions. Your kids will love them and you’ll be in God’s word together!

Children learn the Bible in a fresh and fun way by building through the stories!

  • Tallest Tower – Build the tallest tower possible as a family or individually. 
  • Tallest Tower of Pisa – Build the tallest tower possible without interlocking the bricks. 
  • What’s Missing Game – Line up a handful of legos of various colors and types and give the kids one minute to examine and memorize them. Take one away while they’re closing their eyes and see who is first to guess which price is missing (or take turns playing). 
  • Lego Bowling – Build a “ball” and bowling pins and play a game of slide-bowling, sliding the created brick or ball across the floor to knock over the pins. 
  • Lego Toss – Take turs tossing legos into baskets and see who can go the farthest. 
  • Mimic Me – Mom or Dad builds a simple creation and the kids try to replicate it. Time them for an extra challenge.
  • Lego Spoon Race – Race across the house or yard with a spoon and lego pieces and see who can get to the other side first without dropping. Separate by ages or take turns to reduce the competitiveness, if needed.

50 Lego Challenges - Printable challenge cards with two difficulty levels, FREE for subscribers!

  • Build Your Own – Everyone gets the same exact set Lego bricks in separate bowls and are to build whatever they choose. Take pictures of their creations!
  • Lego Excavation – Freeze bricks and mini figs in a big block of ice (small plastic storage bins work well) and have them work together to pick away at it outside to retrieve the bricks and jointly build a creation. 
  • Find and Build – Put a basket of Legos on the table and call out different numbers and sizes/shapes of Legos for them to find and build with (“Find 3 blue bricks”) adding to their creations until the challenge is over. Talk about what they chose to build. 
  • Lego Pictionary – Make a list of relatively easy Lego builds your kids can do and play a family game of Pictionary using Legos instead of drawing. Examples include a table, car, cake, chair, tree, bird, TV, etc. 
  • Lego Board Games – Play any game using Legos as game pieces. Good choices are checkers, tic-tac-toe, etc. You will also find some fun printable Lego games in my Lego Pinterest board

Have some Lego fun with these super simple and kid friendly Lego Smarties!

  • Lego Challenges – Enjoy Lego challenges together. You can turn them into more competitive games by timing them, building against each other, etc. We will have the kids each do their own challenge at the same time and take pictures of their creations. Check out my 50 Lego Challenges printable for some ideas. 
  • Puppet Show – Have the kids work together to come up with a puppet show and build their own props for the presentation. Video tape it and share with extended family. 
  • Roll the Dice – Pass dice around the table and roll to see how many Legos to take from a Lego bin. They can do a free build or you can suggest a build challenge. 
  • Stop Motion – Create a stop motion video with Legos or take pictures of various scenes you build from a story and make a comic-book presentation. 
  • Lego Party – Have a Lego party! Watch the Lego movie or just have a family fun night with some of the games above. Build little serving plates and bowls with Legos, make Lego candies like these fun smarties, or find more party/snack ideas in my Lego Pinterest board

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  1. I love these ideas and we are incorporating them into our “not halloween” night tonight. we love all.things Legos and do them.in honor of our sweet Jeremiah, who went to be with he Lord 13 months ago. in his honor we started http://www.doitwell.org to bless kiddos in his memory. I thought your family might like knowing about it. we’ve given over 300 lego sets since December of last year! BLESSINGS

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