How We Save Money on Chicken With Zaycon


How we save money on chicken with Zaycon foods

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I’ve written a few times about Zaycon Foods. If you don’t know about them or haven’t tried them yet, you’re really missing out! I first heard about Zaycon through a friend and now I tell everyone about them. It is our main source of meat and saves us loads of money!

*** I received a box of chicken free in exchange for a candid review, although we already buy from them all the time. They’re generous like that. I have given my honest opinion.

Frugal and High Quality Chicken Breasts
Zaycon skinless chicken breasts were our first intro to the company and what we buy the most of. The prices are very competitive, always cheaper than what I find anywhere else (even the Costco Kirkland frozen breasts!) and the quality is amazing.  

Some things to know:

  • Orders are farm-fresh and in bulk (40/lb boxes)
  • The boneless skinless chicken breasts are high-quality and hormone-free 
  • You choose the delivery event day, time, and location near you
  • Just drive through to pick it up!
The Zaycon Experience
When a sales event is coming up, I get an email from Zaycon letting me know and I hop right over to their site to place an order. For my family of seven, one 40lb box is just short of what we need between sales events, so we try to get two. At first, we’d split a box with a friend to get a feel for how long it lasted. One chicken breast easily feeds two adults. 
Zaycon sends plenty of reminders via email and even text if you’d like so that you don’t forget! On the day of the event, I bring my receipt (either printed or by email on my phone) and drive to the event location, which is a nearby church. 
The line always moves pretty quickly and soon I’m up by the truck and they check for my name and order on their clipboard. They pop the boxes in my trunk and I’m off! I don’t even have to get out of the car! This is a special blessing since I always have a van load of kids with me. 
The chicken is fresh and never frozen. When I get home, I can usually fit the box on one of my bottom refrigerator shelves if I move stuff around. That night, I bust open the boxes and get to work. 
I rinse the breasts and divide them, discarding the center cartilage and the few pieces of fat. For 2/3 of a box, I like to bag and freeze 4 breasts at a time. This gives me enough chicken for a week or two when I thaw the bag. The other 1/3 box I cube the breasts for things like chicken curry or crock pot asian chicken dishes. You can also make ahead crock pot bags (with sauces, spices, and veggies) for freezing. It’s best to plan ahead when you take on that task though! 
What I Make with Zaycon Chicken
I pretty much use Zaycon exclusively now for chicken and try to make sure I’m stocked up. Here are some ways I use it. 
Ground Chicken Nugget Recipe using Zaycon chicken and gluten free  bread


Learn More About Zaycon

How does Zaycon offer such great products at low prices? They gather orders directly from customers who come together to pick up their items at sales events held across the nation. They offer a variety of products (bacon, fruit, raw honey, milk and more) and only the best quality items are selected. They are then shipped directly from the farm to you the consumer and sold in bulk packages. 

Sign up for a free Zaycon account today and make an order! 

Have you used Zaycon in the past? What’s holding you back from trying it? 

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    1. Woah this post was really needing some TLC! Fixed the links and images and tidied things up. 🙂 Sorry about that!

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